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Exnihilo has a presence in the US and The Bahamas. Our partners in The Bahamas do an incredible amount of work to make Exnihilo what it is. Without their knowledge, passion, and invaluable perspective, the vision that is Exnihilo would lack the depth that it has.

Michael Edwards

Michael is an artist, lecturer, entrepreneur and advocate for interdisciplinary thinking and creative leadership. He has exhibited at numerous venues in North America, Europe and The Bahamas. Moreover, he has collaborated on both for profit and non-profit ventures which seek to find a place in the new economy. He will bring his big vision approach and desire for crafting and fine tuning business models to the Exnihilo brand.

Katrina Cartwright

Katrina CartwrightKatrina Cartwright is a ceramicist whose work evokes sumptuous organic forms and oftentimes incorporates themes of social justice. She obtained a BFA in Ceramics from Maine College of Art and had the opportunity to apprentice with local and international professional ceramicists.

Katrina has a keen interest in assisting with the continued growth of the art community in The Bahamas by creating opportunities in the arts for creative professionals. Over the years she has participated in various fundraising efforts and continues to work with non-profits in numerous capacities. She has worked and exhibited both in The Bahamas and the United States and currently operates a fully functioning ceramics studio in Nassau, The Bahamas.

Katrina’s ceramic work can be found in several collections in The Bahamas including The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas Permanent Exhibit.

Katrina is originally from Long Island, The Bahamas...the future home of the Exnihilo International Residency


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