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One of the more remote islands of The Bahamas, Long Island is 80 miles long and only 4 miles wide at its widest point and is one of the southern most islands in the 700 island archipelago. Its friendly population of just less than three thousand people, descendents of slaves, pirates, and English Loyalists, gives it a feeling of peace and quiet not found on some of the more popular “tourist” islands. With its contrasting pink sand beaches on the leeward side and its rocky cliffs overlooking the Atlantic side it isn’t any wonder that Christopher Columbus, when landing here in 1492, called it “the most beautiful island in the world”.

It is also home of “Dean’s Blue Hole,” at 663 feet it is the deepest blue hole in the world. Popular activities on the island include snorkeling and scuba diving including its famous shark dive. Long Island also boasts some of the best bone fishing and deep sea fishing in the world.

Another popular sporting event held every year in June is the Long Island Regatta. Attracting participants from all over The Bahamas, it continues to preserve the ancient art of boat building. Another art form indigenous to Long Island is Plaiting, also known as Straw Craft. Handed down from mother to daughter for generations this form of weaving uses palm leaves in the creation of baskets, hats, and other items. Leaves are torn into strips, burnt for color, and woven into pattern with names like “fish pot”, and “spiderweb”. The primary industry on Long Island is fishing the abundant local waters, as well as farming and tourism.

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About Long Island

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