Our Story

Who are we? We are, Bryan, Blair, and Daniel Anderson. We are a family of artists that have worked to help other artists learn how to step into their creative stream and flourish in their art.

We love the sun, sea and sand. We love good food and good company.

Why not bring all those things together to share and foster creativity?

That is the foundation for Exnihilo Art Center.

With the understanding that in fostering the creative process an artist needs a quiet place to work, inspiration, supplies, and even someone to cook for them, we embarked on creating such a place. In 2004 we began the hunt for an inspirational location that wasn't too hard to get to, but was isolated enough and not touristy, and had a breathtaking beauty. On a family vacation to Long Island, Bahamas, we felt we found our spot. Jumping with both feet into an idea that raised eyebrows with friends and family alike, we scrimped and scraped enough together to purchased a parcel of beachfront property on the Atlantic side of Long Island. Then the real work began. Building a retreat for artists has seen many roadblocks so far, but it is proving to be worth it as we move forward with this incredible dream. With the building design phase completed we are embarking on the fundraising phase in the Fall, 2013.

Meet the Anderson trio...

A little about Bryan...

Bryan is a musician, producer, and arranger. Having run the gamut of being a session player in Los Angeles, to a midi consultant and engineer, he will bring his skills to Exnihilo in the building, equipping, and running of the recording studio, Exnihilo Music.

You can check out some of his work at www.exnihilo-music.com.

A little about Blair...

A business owner, entrepreneur and metalsmith, Blair is a starter, founding the online stock resource, avisualplanet.com in 2001, SilverWorks Studio and Gallery, a Metalsmithing teaching studio In 2009, and the development of Exnihilo Art Center was somewhere in between but continues in its evolution. As an artist with over 30 years experience, her work has been shown in over 30 galleries across North America and she continues to work in metal, digital, paint and teaches metalsmithing.

You can check out more of her work at www.blairandersonart.com.

A little about Daniel...

The third prong of the Anderson trio is Daniel. Daniel is amazing performance artist that combines projection mapping with body sensors to create immersive visual experiences. If that wasn't enough, he is also a web developer and graphic designer, photographer, painter, and author. A student from MICA, Daniel presently takes on freelance contracting work in San Francisco, showing his painted works in local galleries and performing in various venues as blondknaut.

You can check out his design business at www.proteuscreative.com, and you can learn more about his projection mapped creations at blond.knaut.net.

As we work to make this dream a reality, we are gathering friends and other artists that are the top in their fields to lend a hand or to give us their expert advice on anything from how to equip the Ceramics Courtyard to what appliances to purchase for the Gathering House.
If you are an artist that would like to help and be added to our list of consultants, please feel free to contact us.


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