Jimi Calhoun

Jimi Calhoun

Musician, Author, Pastor

John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Dr John, Mick Jagger, and David Sandborn are just a few of the very recognizible names that Jimi Calhoun has either performed or recorded with. He is a rare combination of storyteller, sage, artist, and pastor. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area Jimi demonstrated an aptitude for playing several musical instruments. He settled on the bass guitar and embarked on a career path that would take him around the world. His career spans genres and disciplines, first as a musician and later as a pastor and author.

During one of his trips to England he became interested in spirituality and began to explore a variety of paths searching for God and inner peace. Jimi's spiritual odyssey included a couple of brief stops to study Buddhism and Metaphysics. Jimi also studied martial arts which he continues to incorporate into his spiritual disciplines to this day.

As an African-American growing up in the 1950s and '60s, Calhoun knew firsthand about the effects of racism within the culture which later led him to author a book on racial harmony titled "A Story of Rhythm and Grace" Jimi has made guest appearances on several national television programs in addition to hosting a weekly radio program for three years. He continues to play, write, and speak.


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