Wendy Ross

Wendy Ross


You find Wendy's work in places like the National Tidal basin, convention centers, sculpture gardens and museums. Wendy M. Ross has over 30 years experience working with municipal, state, and federal agencies as well as individual clients to create both private and publicly commissioned works of art. Ross Sculpture Studio LLC handles all phases of a project - from concept to design, fabrication and installation.

Ross' sculpture ranges from small-scale to monumental and is designed for placement in both indoor and outdoor settings. She works in a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, bronze, and ceramic tile. Ross Sculpture Studio utilizes innovative, state of the art LED lighting applications and is committed to LEED and sustainable approaches.

Inspired by the hidden designs in nature, Ross' spatial and bio-geometric structures intersect physics, biology, and architecture. Although the work is distinctly sculptural, Ross weaves, wraps and coils materials like that of a textile artist and then welds and rivets metals into intricate and openly engineered constructions. Visit Wendy's site.


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