Out Of Nothing Preview Exhibition

Something new and exciting is happening in The Bahamas. The sun, sand and sea are stunning as ever, but in recent years a new wind of creativity has begun to reshape the landscape of this island country.

The explosion of tourism in the 1960s compelled artists to limit their output to what would quickly sell, causing traditional craft and fine art to spiral toward the predictable. After independence from England in 1973, a lively conversation exploring what it means to be Bahamian ensued. Realizing that artists play a significant role in nation building, Parliament established The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas in 1996. NAGB officially opened in a beautifully restored 1860s mansion in Nassau in 2003.

With a new home for contemporary Bahamian art, the “pretty picture” days are giving way to a new era. Fresh voices are exploring diverse subject matter, and in the process are becoming recognized around the world. This show features work of some of the most important of those voices, including several who are in the permanent collection of NAGB.

The works in this exhibit will be auctioned March 17. Proceeds will support the establishment of the Exnihilo Art Center in Nassau and create a scholarship fund for emerging Bahamian artists.


Out Of Nothing
The Preview Exhibition

February 28-March 15
Glen Echo Park Popcorn Gallery
7300 MacArthur Blvd
Glen Echo, MD 20812

Gallery Hours noon - 6pm Saturday & Sunday



Oramae Pinder

Giavanna Swaby

April Bey

Maxwell Taylor

Toby Lunn

Sue Katz

Heino Schmid

Katrina Cartwright

Michael Edwards


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