Bryan Anderson

Musician, Digital Media Creative

Bryan has had a several creative lives. As a French Horn player, he's been a commercial musician in Los Angeles, and the member of a wind quintet in western Canada. He's been on both sides of the microphone in studios in Los Angeles, Canada, Florida, Washington DC and Nashville as a performer, recording engineer, producer, and arranger. Starting with the traditional calligraphy pen and now using computer software, his music preparation skills have been used for films in Hollywood and albums in London. He spent two decades as a choral director, arranger and creative director for churches in the USA and Canada, and has produced music materials for Roland, Hal Leonard, and Disney.

Recent years have seen Bryan shift into digital media as the Director of Art and Media Production for the National Foreign Language Center at the University of Maryland. There, Bryan directs the production of video, animation, and audio resources for high end e-learning products in over 60 languages.

During his spare time, Bryan has been an internet entrepreneur and a small business owner. His greatest rewards have come from being a dad and husband.

You can learn more about Bryan at


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