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indiegogo launch

We are live! After months of preparation, development of a great collection of perks, and edit after edit of our promotional video, we went live this morning on Indiegogo.

So exciting!

The goal for the 45 day campaign is to raise enough to build the first artist bungalow so we can launch an artist residency program. That goal is $50,000. The larger grand scheme will take much more, but if we reach our base goal we can get this thing off the ground!

So check out the campaign, tell as many friends as you can!


Conference Alliance of Artist Communities
Written by Blair Anderson   
Monday, 28 October 2013 13:54

Where does one go when one wants to meet the most creative, and resourceful support people for artists and artists communities?

The Annual Conference for The Alliance for Artist Communities!

Bryan and I ventured off to San Jose for a 4 day info-fest of all things trending in the way of artist residencies. Several years ago I would not have been able to tell you that such a wonderful resource existed. But thankfully now folk from all over the world can come together and compare notes, and experiences running these important programs. The benefits are immeasurable. Bryan and I sat in session after session of topics designed to navigate the maze of running a residency program. We spent 4 days solid gleaning wisdom from established programs as well as some fresh thinking from some more unconventional programs. We also had the pleasure of sitting in on a new group directed to those running an international program (like ours).

All in the quest for making Exnihilo an amazing place.

alliance meet n greet at Zero1

Award Winner

One of Exnihio's advisors wins a CINE Golden Eagle Award!

CINE golden eagleOn June 17, 2013, The Biscuit Factory was honored at the CINE Awards Gala with a 2013 CINE Master Series Award for “9/11: Stories in Fragments.”  The Masters Series Award is presented to the “top telecast series and the best CINE Golden Eagle Award-winning production in each CINE Competition division from the previous calendar year.”

Congrats to Molly Hermann, and Rob Lyall!



Written by Blair Anderson   
Monday, 10 June 2013 10:19

Fractured AtlasOur application was accepted! Exnihilo Art Center is now sponsored by Fractured Atlas. What is Fractured Atlas? It is an organization that provides a variety of services to art organizations like ours. One of these very important services allows us to function as a 501c3.

Focus Group Party
Written by Blair Anderson   
Monday, 03 June 2013 00:00

It takes time effort and the help of others to accomplish something big. So we enlisted the help of some friends, advisors, and others to spend an evening with us to give us some honest input on a video Bryan and I produced to promote Exnihilo for a fundraising campaign.

After a little rum punch and Conch salad, we gathered in Mary Whitney's living room to watch our trailer. The group was then asked to give their honest input via a form (no discussion at this point as not to taint initial reactions).

Once everyone filled out the forms we engaged in some constructive dialogue of what worked, what didn't, and what could and couldn't be changed.

This team was invaluable! Not only was the input constructive, but the generosity of spirit and genuine interest in our project became evident in the excitement in the room to the point where I finally had to call time because it was getting late. Those that participated got a few little gifts from the island.

Thanks to all of you!

The project continues...

Exnihilo Retreat Party

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