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Emerging Program Membership
Tuesday, 08 January 2013 14:44

Exnihilo is now a member of Alliance for Artist Communities.

Alliance of Artists Communities

Refining the designs

Brushed off the design plans to begin the next phase. A never ending process of things to do. Permits and ground surveys coming in March.

Island plantlife
Tuesday, 20 November 2012 00:00

I little research on plants at Exnihilo. While on the island this coming March we hope to begin a selective clearing of the land (not just bulldozing it). There are some wonderful plants and trees that need to be moved into a designated area to preserve them. Many like this agave are years mature and it would be a shame to lose them. We will also be checking on all the trees that we planted ourselves to see if they are ready for transplant.



alliance of artist communities
Wednesday, 01 February 2012 14:05

Attended a WPA (Washington Project for the Arts) meeting at American University last night. The panel discussion was about artist residencies programs. Although it was geared toward artists it was very affirming for us in our project. Bryan and I met the executive director of Alliance of Artists Communities, Caitlin Strokosch. The Alliance is an amazing resource that brings artists together with residency programs around the world. Thanks Caitlin for answering our questions and having such a wonderful resource.

The panel discussion reinforced a few of our primary goals as an artist residency...

1. A Safe Place to Create

In our model this is of importance to us because of what Bryan and I bring to the creative setting. As with my project SilverWorks, creating the atmosphere, or "vibe" seems illusive, but it is something that we do very well. This vibe draws out the creative best in an artist. I have seen it again and again at SilverWorks, and it will be a part of Exnihilo on an even larger scale.

2. Community Oriented

Our location is beautiful and inspiring due to its remoteness. By design artists will be taking all meals together which tends to promote community. It also our desire to promote collaboration between residents. This can happen organically, but there will be opportunities supplied by Exnihilo that will also foster this.

3. Expanding Artists

Getting artists out of a comfort zone and making them take a new look at their work is a natural outcome of being remote. Although we plan on being well stocked with resources, ours is not a location that you can have something  shipped overnight. This quality of being "unplugged" is an asset (albeit sometimes uncomfortable) that forces a person to be more resourceful, and therefore more creative than they might otherwise.

Thanks to the WPA for a great panel discussion and lots of food for thought for both artists seeking residencies and those of us that seek to provide those programs.


hurricane season
Thursday, 25 August 2011 00:00

Although the old timers on the island claim to have never seen a hurricane in their lifetime, this season apparently chose to show them something new. The hurricane Irene did some damage to our little island, but for Exnihilo the worst that could be done was the loss of some trees and a little sand.

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