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silverworks continues to grow

My little silversmithing studio continues to surprise me. Adding this little stepping stone in the journey toward Exnihilo, who would have thought that it would contribute so much to the plan. And I never would have imagined the growth. Classes continue to fill and allowing those students Open Studio time has been very rewarding as I see them develop in their skills.

not for profit status
Friday, 03 December 2010 17:45

We have begun exploring the process of filing for non profit status as an artist community. Because we are located in The Bahamas, we have a fair amount of "research" to do.

new undertaking
Sunday, 07 March 2010 10:02

Best laid plans can sometime seem like they have gone awry when direction shifts due to outside circumstances (like the economy). But sometimes this is actually an opportunity in disguise. My updates on this site completely stopped because I felt like our progress came to a screeching halt, when in fact it took on a different direction.

SilverWorks Studio and Gallery.

We openend in December (09) and even though it is a public studio designed for the art and craft of silversmithing, in a way it is a mini-exnihilo.

A stepping stone to the larger vision.

Like Exnihilo, Silverworks is a playground for the art form. All the tools are provided. The setting is warm and inviting and promotes inspiration.

SilverWorks Studio Beach GlassCreating this playground for artists feels like a precursor to the bigger deal with all the same components minus the ocean and the bungalows. Creating a place that fosters creativity has a lot to do with space, attitude, and comfort. Easy access to the toys, being put at ease, even being fed all are components that play a part in setting the stage for creativity.

The new studio is located at Glen Echo Park, Maryland.

In the meantime, the plans are still in place for the larger vision. Paperwork to do, and raising some funds for construction on the first building.

All in good time.

slab vs pilings... pilings win
Thursday, 29 January 2009 12:47

In the beginning of the design process we had concluded that building on slab would be more economical, especially if we could just use that concrete as the first floor "flooring" and stain it. We have done this in the past in a previous house and loved the effect. We were also under the assumption that it would be stronger and more hurricane proof if anchored to a slab vs. pilings.

After our trip to Hawaii this month we observed so many structure on "stilts" and began to rethink our plan, but needed some further info. After a few key questions fired at our new project manager we decided to go with concrete pilings.

Some of the reasons... 

1. No significant change in hurricane proof, in fact more protection from storm surge.

2. Cheaper cost for the "foundation".

3. More room for error in construction. 

4. Easier for installing plumbing. 

But the real bonus in this conclusion is that we have essentially added outdoor studio space at ground level with the main building. 2500 square feet of it. What was originally going to be a ceramics courtyard next to the main building will expand into this new space. We will gain a huge amount of storage as well.

The main building will be raised approximately 8 feet. The bungalows will be raised approximately 4 feet.

new counsel and a new project manager
Friday, 23 January 2009 12:31
This month marks a few changes that promise to propel things forward. We have retained the services of a new law agency to direct us in all thing legal in the Bahamas especially in regards to the kind of project we have. And we now have a new project manager for the next building design. Both of these individuals play important rolls in how smooth things move in the next phase of our project. With the design of the larger building in the works, it is great to already feel that we are on the right track with this complex structure.
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